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profitability in the seismic environment

Developing the best seismic equipment in the world is one thing, getting it to work in a variety of environments is a different challenge. Our dedicated Geo-X professionals, working with our clients, enabled us to develop the Uni-RAM and the Uni-TAP. These units allow you the freedom, flexibility and peace of mind to know the recording system will work, wherever you’re working. Uni-RAM is a universal solution from mountain top to shallow ocean bottom.

Combined with other ARAM-ARIES features Uni-RAM provides continuous coverage through the use of:

  • Connector technology
  • Superior water protection
  • Auto-routing Fire by Wire
  • "Wireless" repeater technology

...whatever conditions dictate.

Reliability and productivity of the ARAM.ARIES system is enhanced by multiple baseline and redundant cable connection technology. This allows the data-collection process to continue, uninterrupted, even in the event of a broken or cut cable. The most complex "Layouts" become an easy to use reality with the touch of a mouse.
This attention to both sturdiness and
reliability make ARAM.ARIES and
Uni-RAM the universal solution
for today’s seismic


and redundancy mean gains in productivity

ARAM.ARIES is unparalleled in its adaptability to various seismic environments. This is aided by built in System Wide Redundancy (SWR). SWR provides you with the ability to keep shooting with no interruptions and also protects your seismic data from the channel to the tape:

  • Shot memory
  • Error- free Data Recovery
  • Redundant Telemetry Acquisition
  • Dual transmission in RAMs and cable
  • Multiple transmission in TAPs and Baseline
  • Redundant cable connection technology
  • Redundant Line Card connections
  • Mirrored hard drives

SRW is a pre-requisite for the growing demand for Mega-channel recording

Portability is logistics

Size and weight has an impact on all aspects of collecting seismic information. Those most effected by the weight of seismic equipment may appear to be the crew responsible for setting it up and taking it down. But size and weight also have impact on:

  • Environmental footprint
  • Crew size
  • Health and Safety
  • Mobilization costs
  • Equipment movement in the field
  • Overall productivity

That's why ARAM.ARIES is designed to be the smallest, lightest system in field today


Emerging trends
require Mega-channels.

Advances in High Definition 3D, Single Point Recording, Multi-Component Recording, and an increased need for gains in productivity and data quality for traditional 3D acquisition-are all reasons for the industry's call for increased channel availability-Mega-channel Recording. To answer this demand Geo-X has developed:

  • Variable Transmission Rates which optimizes system performance at all takeout intervals.
  • Independent transmission rates in the new ARIES Line Tap Unit which optimize channel capacity throughout the entire network.

Mega-channel operations are also a reality today because the ARAM.ARIES system can handle in excess of 39,000 channels in real time and virtually an unlimited number of channels in near-real time.

These unique features of our system in conjunction with system wide Redundancy makes Mega-channel acquisition possible.


The System For Accurate And Reliable Dynamite Operation On Seismic Recording Crews

  • Smaller, Lighter and Faster than competitor’s product
  • Low Cost, Rugged and Reliable
  • Simple yet Sophisticated
  • Integrated GPS interface
  • Bright easy to read Display
    • Displays Uphole Time
    • Displays Resistance Measurement
    • Displays Encoder and Status Information
  • Master/Slave/Repeater Modes
  • Weight Drop Mode can be used to synchronize Impulse Seismic Sources like the DigiPulse
  • Compatible with SSC Universal Encoder, Pelton Advance TM II, Vib Pro TM or Shot Pro TM Encoders
  • PC software provides easy to use graphical interface to all shot information

Pocket PC Interface

  • Wireless infrared interface
  • Download all uphole and shot information
  • Loads and stores operational parameters
  • GPS navigation

Blaster System Contains:

  • Boom Box decoder
  • 12 V Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • VHF Radio
  • Options
    • Pocket PC computer
    • GPS option
    • Back Pack

Boom Box General Specification:

  • Operating Voltage
  • Sample rate
  • Shot firing accuracy
  • Firing voltage
  • Firing current
  • Charging Time
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Operating temp.
  • 10-36 VDC
  • 0.5 msec
  • ± 20 usec
  • 400 V
  • > 200A
    (0.5 Ohm load)
  • < 1 second
  • 76x144x305mm
    (3x5.6x12 in)
  • 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs)
  • -40º to +60ºC
    (-40º to +140ºF)


  • Accurate and repeatable shot firing accuracy +/- 20 usec
  • Automatic Radio Start Time adjust to insure quality of production
  • PC software displays, stores and exports all shot information, including Uphole Time, GPS and start time error
  • Safety-Triple protection against accidental CAP firing
    • Arm switch - shorts CAP lines unless switch is held in ARM position
    • Charge switch - High Voltage is disconnected from CAP lines unless switch is held in charge position
    • DSP control - High Voltage is not connected to CAP lines unless commanded by the Digital Signal Processor
  • CAP and Geophone test
  • Reduced dead time for start command
  • Simple and reliable single board construction
  • Same lightweight unit used for Encoder and Decoder
  • Low Power with auto-sleep mode for longer battery life
  • Digital Interface to all major recording systems
  • DSP technology for accurate uphole geophone recording and processing
  • Decoder Unit can trigger an Air Gun Controller
  • State of the Art Phase and Force Control
  • Integrated GPS
  • 24-bit Vibrator Signature Option (HFVS TM)
  • Linear, Non-Linear and Custom Sweep capabilities
  • Rugged Design
  • Vibrator Calibration - Quick and Easy - allows electronics to quickly be switched to a new vibrator without long setup time
  • Post Sweep Report - Quality Control report at the end of the sweep. Includes Phase Error, Force Output, GPS and other QC information
  • Uses standard 41-pin interface cable compatible with most vibrators

FORCE-TWO Vibrator Electronics General Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage 9-18 VDC
  • Power 36 Watt
  • Dimensions 3x12x12''
  • Weight 10 lbs

Easy to Use Computer Software

  • Single program allows complete operation of Force-Two Vibrator Control System
  • Radio Similarities are quickly analyzed
  • Post Sweep Reports are displayed and stored
  • Sweep Library can easily be updated

New Features

Force Two Vibrator Decoder Units - New radio interface and control system allows direct replacement of Pelton Vib Pro TM Units.

  • Force-Two control units can operate in the same vibrator group as Pelton Vib Pro TM Unit
  • Force-Two generates the same sweep as Pelton Vib Pro TM Units
  • Force-Two unit uses the same Start Code and PSS type as Pelton Vib Pro TM Unit
  • Force-Two has the same PPS data as the Pelton Vib Pro TM Unit
  • Force-Two uses the same Vibrator Wiring as Pelton Vib Pro TM Unit
  • Force-Two can also use Advance II Start code for more reliable telemetry

GeoSpace GS-32CT 32ct

  • Spurious response greater than 250 Hz for extended clean band width.
  • Full compatibility with GS-20DX and GS-30CT geophones.
  • Typical string distortion less than .03% (12 series, damped .70)

GS-32 CT Specifications

Description Specification @ 25C Tol +/-
Natural Frequency (Fn): 10 Hz   2.5%
Coil Excursion P-P > .040 in, > .102 cm MIN
  > .060 in, > .152 cm MAX
Clean Band Pass (Spurious Response) > 250 Hz (Typical)
DC Resistance (DCR) 395 ohms   2.5%
Intrinsic Voltage Sensitivity (G) .698 V/i/s, .275 V/cm/s
Open Circuit Damping (Bo) .316
Damping w/1000 ohm Shunt .70   2.5%
Sensitivity @ 70% Damping .500 V/in.s, .197 V/cm/s   2.5%
Moving Mass (M) .395 oz., 11.2 g 2.5%
Harmonic Distortion  
With coil to case velocity of 0.7 in/sec (1.8 cm/sec) P-P @ 12 Hz 0.10%
String, 12 series, damped 0.70 0.03% (Typical)
With coil to case displacement of 0.0093 in (0.0236 cm) P-P @ 10 Hz 0.20%
Weight 3.03 oz., 86 g
Diameter 1.00 in., 2.54 cm
Height (less stud & terminals) 1.30 in., 3.30 cm
Operating and Storage Temperature -45 to +100 degrees C
Specifications are subject to change without notice.  

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